The Bathroom

Will someone tell me why I can breathe and get my best ideas in the bathroom? I enjoy my bathroom time. My head is clear, there is quiet (sometimes), and I can gather my thoughts and slip into my very own world of enchantment. 

However, in order to really enjoy your bathroom time, you MUST do one thing... Lock. The. Door. 

If someone knocks, just remain silent, as they will eventually grow tired and leave. After one of my bathroom sessions, upon entering the den, my husband asked, “where have you been?, I thought you had gone to bed”!  I thought to myself.. no, just alone in the bathroom.

Until next time, love yourself momma! 




The Audacity To Win!

With the numerous demands faced by many women everyday, it is more important than ever to have a winning spirit and a winning outlook for each day God allows us to open our eyes. 

Audacity is simply the ability to take bold risks! Taking bold risks to provide those needed supports that can propel you to a win. One of my favorite scriptures that so often comes to mind is, “I can do all through Christ who strengthens me” . ALL things!! This means, I CAN WIN! YOU CAN WIN!! WE CAN WIN!! 

Mothers, wives, parents... I challenge you to take that bold risk! Have the audacity to win! It will happen! Do not give up! Until next time, love yourself!! #themlife




He is with Me

No matter how I feel or whatever I experience, one thing I can always know...God is with me.  During my times of sadness, happiness, dismay, joyfulness, confusion, contentment and anger He is with me.  I feel him in my reactions, in my thoughts and in my silence. 

As a mom, we are loaded with so many responsibilities. It is easy for me get caught up and consumed in the chaos of managing it all. During these times, if I can just simply remember to “pause” and look for him Him. He is near to me. 

I will admit that it is not always easy to remember. But this is what I like about Him. He will send a reminder that He is near. Whether it is a kind stranger who lends a hand unexpectedly or a warm, affectionate greeting from someone... He is near to encourage me throughout every moment in my life.  

As a a wife, it is easy for me to dwell on making sure I’m being the best wife to my husband. Even during this, God is near. He is near to me when I do not “want” to respond kind. He is near to me when I’m tempted to take my husband for granted. He is near. He is near....many times I want to close my eyes and ears to His presence so I can lean to “my” understanding. This never ends well!  

Throughout it all, He is near. I thank and praise Him for His presence with me everyday. Through Him, I am able to manage my many responsibilities of mom, wife and boss. Until next time, love yourself!