Ladies! I hope you are enjoying your summer! As for me, this has been my busiest summer yet! In between traveling due to family illness and conferences/training, I have been pretty busy. My youngest daughter’s birthday was in June. Her father and I hosted an intimate and fabulous birthday celebration, with family, in our home. The goal was to have a formal birthday celebration, for her friends to attend later during the summer, at our daughter’s absolute favorite splash pad! Well, I’m definitely not to win “Mom of the Year” anytime soon! I have had to cancel Madison’s Big Splash Party due to an oversight in my calendar. Good Lord! I was so embarrassed to have to alert parents of the cancellation! Listen up! That party is going to happen… just later than I had planned. I’m not giving up! It will be fabulous! Too much planning and investing has occurred for it NOT to happen! LOL!

Just like Madison’s delayed birthday party, there are times we experience an unexpected adventure/outcome, failure, miscalculations and setbacks. Things do not always happen according to plans….and it will be OKAY! YOU WILL LIVE! The secret is to keep moving! Hit the reset button! Readjust and move forward! Have the COURAGE to keep moving! Wandering in the aftermath is the easy part. Try to keep pressing and moving toward your goal regardless of the challenge! Be courageous! I have learned to be courageous. I have learned it is okay to be courageous enough to stand up after the chaos, after the storm, after the miscalculation and move forward. Move forward to finish the goal.

Ephesians 4:32 reminds us of the following: “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you”. The Lord has helped me to be kind and compassionate to myself. He has helped me to forgive myself, just as He forgave me. We forget to do this! No! I can not be everywhere and do everything at one time. I can not remember everything. And yes! I’m human and I do make mistakes, despite my carefully orchestrated plans. So when I face unexpected events, setbacks, failure, I am kind and compassionate to myself. If needed, I will forgive myself, as well. By doing this, I am giving myself what God has already promised…. His loving kindness, His compassion, His mercy, His Grace and His forgiveness. Until next time, love yourself and KEEP MOVING!!


Father, we thank you for your kindness and compassion. Thank you for your forgiveness! Give us the courage to keep moving forward despite the unexpected and delayed plans. Continue to tug at our hearts until we resume forward movement.

Father, forgive us when we allow ourselves to be consumed by our fleshly feelings of disgust, embarrassment and failure. Cause us to remember you are in control and YOUR timing is perfect. Cause us to move… move swiftly and with patience until we have finished the course. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

Keep moving forward despite any challenges.

Keep moving forward despite any challenges.