This morning during prayer, I was talking to God about my schedule, my tasks, my goals and my anxieties. I was reminded of the song verse, “His eyes are on the sparrow.. I know He watches over me”. I begin to hear Him say, “I got it…. I got you”. What an awesome relief to be reminded by Him that He has everything… He knows everything already and He has me, as well.

Moms, we can take comfort in knowing that God Has it! He has us too! Do not be ashamed to admit your anxiety to Him. He cares for you. He already knew. He is more than capable of allowing His strength and His peace to be perfect in times of weakness. Tell Him your goals! He can handle it! He is the master of the universe! He is here for us! He has it under control! He has our back! Oh what a relief it is to know my Lord is watching over us!

Until next time, love yourself and know He has it and He has you!


Father, we adore you. We magnify your name. Forgive us for so easily taking matters into our own hand. Forgive us for so easily fretting over tasks or goals. We sometimes forget to tell you and know you will handle it and will not withhold any good thing from us. We thank you for your peace. We thank you for your comfort. We thank you for the gentle reminders allowing us to know you are with us.

Father, we ask that you cause us to be strong in your word. Cause us to be confident in your word. We ask that you continue to enrich us, provide for us and support us. In your name Jesus, we pray, Amen.