Hello Moms! Day 3 of my Mom Trip. PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!! God is good! I’m so thankful for my life. Everything that I have had to endure, has led me to this very moment. Moms, we should always be thankful. It might not be easy at times, we can sometimes second guess the choices we have made, feel as if we will never get everything completed and even downplay our role of being a mother. God has ordained us to be moms. He has equipped us with everything needed to be the guiding force in the life of our children! It is indeed a trick of the enemy to cause moms to “not be able to see” past the challenges and chaos of being a mother and ultimately lose hope. I’m thankful to my husband for being a devout man of God, Leader and protector of our family. Marriage is WORK! I work at being the best wife to my husband daily! I’m thankful for my children. They keep me busy, make me angry, make me laugh, and keep me on my knees in prayer. Lol! And last but not least, I am thankful for me! I am not ashamed anymore to admit that I completely lost myself, as a woman, when I became a wife and then a mom. I forgot who “Roikensha” was, what she liked, how she looked, what she enjoyed, etc....it is so easy to become so entangled and enmeshed in the lives of our husband and children until we forget who we are as a woman. We must force ourselves to allow our minds to be consistently renewed daily in Christ. His word, His Peace, His Grace, and His Mercy renews us daily!! God is our STRENGTH! OUR REFUGE! I am Roikensha. I have a husband and 2 daughters. I love to travel, love photography, posing for pics, lover of fashion, hair, and heels, a serious “foodie” and loves to laugh out loud! Roikensha can withstand pressure, she can persevere, she understands and realizes that she is a daughter of God and the POWER that is unleashed unto her through HIM! God is good! He has blessed me to be apart of a journey that has led me to find myself again! For this, I am thankful!!!!

Photo Credit: WOW Photography

Location: Nashville, TN - The Parthenon