This morning as I was reading my devotions, prayers and scriptures, the term “blessing” was pressed upon my heart. I begin to think of the ways I am a blessing to my family. I believe it is apart of God’s plan for mothers to be a blessing to their families. I can remember hearing the scripture, regarding a virtuous woman - her children called her blessed. I often wondered about that phrase. Of course she is blessed, but could it be that she was also a blessing? Yes!  She blessed others!

You all know me, I have to dig deeper. I looked up the blessing in the dictionary. One of the meanings explained it as, “a beneficial thing, for which one is grateful; something that brings well-being.” WOW! That’s it! Lord, I desire to be an even greater blessing to my family! I desire to promote the well-being of my familt even more!

My children and my husband are grateful, as I am beneficial to their well-being. I see this everyday and I am grateful. Whenever my husband expressed his thanks for my support or simply the little things that help make his day easier... that’s a blessing. Whenever my children eagerly anticipate the goodies they know will be waiting when they get home from school... that’s a blessing. Whenever I remind my husband of the “right” things to eat... that’s a blessing. 

Mothers, sometimes it is easy to take everything we do for granted. Remember, it’s in our DNA to be a blessing to our children, husband and simply our home.  

Dear Father, 

Thank you for reminding me of how I am a blessing to my family. Thank you for continuing to show me your plan for godly women and mothers.   Lord, I desire to continue be a blessing to my husband, our ministry, my children and others that You assign me to bless.   My desire is to be beneficial to the well-being of my family. I can only achieve this through You. I acknowledge your strength, Your Peace, Your Mercy, Your Grace, Your Instruction and Your Protection. I thank you for your spiritual gift of discernment and Your clarity to make things plain. Thank you Jesus. In your name, Amen.