Tonight, I am filled with His Joy! I am filled with His Everlasting Love! I am filled with His Mercy, His Goodness and His Incredible Peace! I am Victory!

While sitting in the quiet of my home, after doing the final touches of cleaning the kitchen, den and dining area, I am filled with an incredible and extraordinary peace! Today was nothing out of the ordinary. Today was basically my same routine of sending McKenzie to school on the bus, dropping Madison off at school and running errands. Isn’t it amazing how we seem to be on “auto-pilot”? As I sit here now reflecting over my day, I honestly can not remember when I did what. I just know it was done and here I am, now, sitting here feeling quite wonderful and content!!

Isn’t this the way it is when we are waiting on God to fulfill a promise? We pray and make our requests, cares and concerns known to Him. We then begin to trust Him and carry on in hopes of Him answering our prayers in a timely manner (sometimes simultaneously!). It does not matter the length of our wait time, whenever His promises are fulfilled and His prayers are answered, we often look back and marvel at how we made it. We do not know how, the only thing we know is that He supplied our needs, desires and wants and we are feeling quite wonderful!

Mothers, as we schedule and plan our days to make sure our family will run like a well-oiled machine, know that in the end, all will fall in place and will be perfect for “that” moment. Sometimes we will remember every possible thing there is to do. And yet, there are times, we will miss a thing or two. In those times, when something has been forgotten, it is okay. Remember, all is well. God already knew…your steps and schedule were already ordained by God. He already knew everything you would forget to handle. And for this, He is prepared and quite capable of stepping in and giving us the strength and guidance of how to manage despite innocent mishaps! He cares for us! Until next time, Love yourself!

Dear God,

May your peace, happiness and joy continue to fill our hearts. May we continue to lean on your during times of chaotic schedules, as you ordain our steps and thoughts. Amen.