Hello Mothers!

I am compelled to encourage you to love your children like never before. We are living in a time when children are faced with insurmountable experiences that attack their self-image, confidence, beliefs and identity. Today, in my blog, I posted “Dear Mothers:  There’s more to do.”  It was God’s plan for you to be called, “Mom”. With this title, as you know, comes much responsibility. This was prompted by a talk show I was listening to this morning. A mother and father were sharing the details of their young daughters murder. Their daughter was murdered by her “friends”, who decided to stab her to death. The talk show described these girls as “mean girls”. They later discussed how to prevent your daughters from being “mean girls”.  I begin to pray, “Lord, help me to raise my daughters to be emotionally sound”. Help me to impart into them not only how to embrace their individual uniqueness, but also the uniqueness in their peers, as well. Show me how and help me build my daughters from the inside out in building their self-esteem and confidence. It is crucial that it comes from “within” the child.

What are we teaching our sons and daughters to be emotional healthy? Will they know how to love? Will they know how to find the beauty in others? Will they know how to respect themselves, as well as, others? Will they know they are special, unique individuals, fearfully and wonderfully made? Do they know and believe God loves them? Will they understand that not only are they special, but so are their peers? Do they know and believe we will love them no matter what they do in life? Are we building them or tearing them down? Are we giving our children good gifts? Gifts of hope, life, family, warmth, peace and stability?  Will our children know it is okay to reject friendship if it hurts who they are? Can they identify hurtful behavior from their peers?

On last year, I was reading an article in which Prince William was being interviewed. He described the love of his deceased mother, Princess Diana. He talked about how she loved on them constantly. He begin to say that even after her death, he could still feel the warmth and depth of her hugs. Love is strong.... it withstands the test of time. As mothers, we must incorporate the love of God in our relationship with our children. We love them via speaking life into their hearts, providing wisdom and discipline, and building them up in every way imaginable. We love them with our hugs, our kisses (even when they say YUCK! and GROSS! Lol) LOVE NEVER FAILS....

“Train up a child in the way he should go”.......I believe we all know how the verse ends. Like never before, the time is now for mothers to stand against the tactics of Satan to defeat our children. We must pray and intercede on behalf of our children. We must demonstrate the love of God before them towards others. Love, love, love..... pray, pray, pray......for the sake of our children.