This morning I awoke with a spirit of praise and thanksgiving. I begin to think of the many things He has done in my life. I thought about the many times I have made a genuine mess of things. Somehow, some way He covered me. He protected me. He shielded me. There are times I have fallen and have been broken. Yet, He loved me enough to chastened me while still having mercy on my soul.

I went a little further. I begin to think of the many hurtful experiences and things I have lost throughout my life….personal possessions, friends, income, painful childhood memories, and the death of loved ones just to name a few. There were times He chastened me. He pruned me. He molded me and shaped me. He would not let me give up. He would not let me cast myself into the shadows. He would not let me take my life. He guided me to the right people…and I obeyed His voice. He covered me. He strengthened. He protected me. He was the lifter of my head. Today, through His grace, mercy and power, I lift my head. I do not lift my head in pride or in arrogance. I lift my head knowing God is the lifter of my head. I lift my head to acknowledge His strength in my life. I lift my head in admiration of His grace and mercy. I lift my head to see others who may be living the same experience I was living and to support them. I lift my head to look towards the hills from whence cometh my help - all of help, strength, peace and joy comes from Him!

Philippians 1:3 states, “Every time I think of You, I give thanks to my God”. Oh my….How awesome it is for the scripture to have come alive in my life. How awesome it is to know that every time I think of you, I give you praise instantaneously! It does not matter what you are going through or have experienced in life, God is near. He is near to us! He provides His guidance and love through our loved ones, true, “real” friends and professionals who have studied science, just to name a few. God is the lifter of our heads….only Him!


Oh Lord, Our Lord, how I adore you! How I look back and embrace Your guidance, Your peace, Your grace, Your mercy, Your chastening and Your Love. These things are Your goodness! My soul cries out Hallelujah! My soul cries out “Thank You!” My Soul cries out “Hosana!” My soul cries out “Elohim!” My soul cries out “Yireh!” My soul cries out “Shalom!”

As I look back over my life, there were times Lord I did not know what to do. I was broken. I was ashamed. I felt unworthy to live. Thank you for protecting me. Thank you! Thank you for loving me in my brokenness.

Lord, I ask that you continue to guide me into your truth and knowledge. Continue to chasten me and prune me. Continue to show your grace and mercy towards me. Lord, I ask that you continue to mold and shape me to be the woman you created me to be. Give me the stamina to endure the pruning and molding! This vessel belongs to you! I was created for your service! In your name Jesus, I pray. Amen