No matter how I feel or whatever I experience, one thing I can always know...God is with me.  During my times of sadness, happiness, dismay, joyfulness, confusion, contentment and anger He is with me.  I feel him in my reactions, in my thoughts and in my silence. 

As a mom, we are loaded with so many responsibilities. It is easy for me get caught up and consumed in the chaos of managing it all. During these times, if I can just simply remember to “pause” and look for him Him. He is near to me. 

I will admit that it is not always easy to remember. But this is what I like about Him. He will send a reminder that He is near. Whether it is a kind stranger who lends a hand unexpectedly or a warm, affectionate greeting from someone... He is near to encourage me throughout every moment in my life.  

As a a wife, it is easy for me to dwell on making sure I’m being the best wife to my husband. Even during this, God is near. He is near to me when I do not “want” to respond kind. He is near to me when I’m tempted to take my husband for granted. He is near. He is near....many times I want to close my eyes and ears to His presence so I can lean to “my” understanding. This never ends well!  

Throughout it all, He is near. I thank and praise Him for His presence with me everyday. Through Him, I am able to manage my many responsibilities of mom, wife and boss. Until next time, love yourself!