"LORD, hear my cry!", said the mother who has been pushed to the ends of the world! Admit it!  We have all been there, at least twice...maybe three -six times!  In between parenting the little angels, given to us by God, managing a household, career and trying to be a good wife to my husband, I think a yelling "fit" is in order every now and then. (hahaha) I have learned to try to focus on my purpose in the home and life.  It is not always easy.  

Allow me to share with you the number one reason, I aim to keep it together on most days.  My little girls are watching me. Among many other things,  they watch how I respond, how I talk to Daddy, how I treat Daddy, how I treat myself, and how I take care of them.  This is the only way they will learn how to behave and govern themselves as a young girl, lady and woman one day.  They will learn this through me.  How's that for sobering up your actions?

The other reason is that I have learned that tomorrow is not always promised.  We can be here this hour and gone to meet our Heavenly Father within the  next hour.  This places everything in perspective.  Children are children.  Most of the irritating things they do are age appropriate! LOL!  And the memories...the memories are priceless! I remember the first time my husband and I took our daughters to the National Zoo in Washington, DC.  We were so excited.  We had our stylish, double-stroller and our adorable little girls in their matching pastel pink, Ralph Lauren t-shirts and white shorts.  The trip started out pretty good.  We were having a grand time! Our daughters were overwhelmed by the huge crowd and it was sooooo hot! After numerous water and snack breaks, and managing to make it half-way through the zoo, they decided it would be fitting to start a grand protest.  Yup! We proceeded to push our children toward the zoo's exit in the midst of screaming and kicking.  Let me tell you, you have not lived until you have pushed a double-stroller with two children screaming and kicking! Other parents were giving us the "I know how you feel,"  and "Hang in there" looks....lol.  Bless their hearts!  Halfway back to the car, they started to calm down and then there it was....S-I-L-E-N-C-E.  They both had fallen asleep.  My husband, bless his hearts, managed to get everyone in the car seats and buckled up.  Thank you Lord.

So....I guess you can say, our first zoo trip was very frustrating, as well as, we probably pushed it by not turning around when we saw the first warning sign of protest!   These moments can make us forget our honest intention. Our intention was that we would have a wonderful family outing and simply enjoy each other and spend time together with our daughters, as well as, give them an experience to enhance their social development.  Moments of frustrations can make us want to throw our hands up in the air, say harsh words and produce negative energy.  

I have learned to give these moments to God.  Much like this prayer, I ask God to help me to be kind and loving because He knows my heart and my intentions toward my family.  Help me to be graceful in frustrating situations.  And you know what?  He does....because He keeps His promises.  He never leaves nor forsakes us...even us moms....He is there to give us stamina and a sense of humor to laugh at ourselves and our children.  

Do not be ashamed of your yelling moments, simply remember the "Rescue Me" prayer for yelling mothers.  God will listen and rescue you.  I know this to be true.  Until next time, Love Yourself!