"Be in the moment,"...... a phrase used often.  I'm guilty of not always being in the moment. I am busy working on my laptop, busy decorating, busy with a hobby, busy cleaning ...... always doing something. How do I stop my mind from racing ahead to tomorrow when my 3 year old and 20 month old are climbing all over me with giggles and smiling faces??? How do I stop and just enjoy the moment of them looking into my eyes out of sheer admiration? It is not always easy. I am learning to stop and really BE in the moment. Be in the moment of smiling faces, giggles, chocolate-covered teeth.... be in the moment of high-fives and those famous requests at inconvenient times.   

Lately, our 3-year old daughter has been trying out a more mature smile. Very photogenic! The other evening she turned around and gave me the biggest smile. I smiled back. She walked away. While walking away, she turned around to look at me..smiled again...I smiled back... this went on three more times. Yes, McKenzie, I'm in this moment with you 100%. And I am loving your smile... loving you.  Until next time, love yourself! AND be in the moment.