Unacceptable .... It's unacceptable. This morning, on CNN, I was listening to the mom of Philando Castile, the young man who was killed yesterday in Minnesota, during a traffic stop. She said, "I RAISED MY SON TO COMPLY... I RAISED MY SON TO BE LAW ABIDING.... I RAISED MY SON TO KNOW POLICE WERE TO PROTECT AND SERVE. This mom raised her son........I find it to be ludicrous that this systemic issue can not be corrected. I'm speaking because I have a black husband, I have black brothers, I have black male cousins and I have close friends with black sons.... And I PRAY daily for them and if they ever have to be pulled over for a routine traffic stop-they will be given a FAIR chance.. A chance to explain, a chance to reach into their pocket and present their ID, a chance to explain themselves in the respectful manner they have been taught. I understand there can NOT be a lawless society. Police are needed. Not ALL individuals wearing the blue and police badge ARE worthy of the TITLE & RESPECT it carries. These hoodlums misrepresent the Vision of Ethical Policing and the Police Code of Ethics. In the dictionary, the definition of a hoodlum is a person who engages in crime and violence; a hooligan or gangster. Being a hoodlum in police attire does not excuse one from the definition of a hoodlum. Real police do NOT do such. Real police utilize force when needed. Real police are needed. To me, This systemic issue seems pretty easy to correct. Get rid of the BAD ones... Stop upholding hoodlums!  Until next time, love your yourself....stand up for your loved for what is right.