Just sitting here thinking of the mother of Mr. Philanda Castile....the 15-year old son of Mr. Alton Sterling and also, the mother of Mr. Alton Sterling.  I can not explain the raw emotions running through me at once.  As mothers, we give to our children so much.  We give continuously, unselfishly, and endless to our children...to our families.   

There are days I feel I have nothing to give.  However, I scrape the bottom and find something to give.  I do this because I want my children to grow up to be productive and responsible citizens.  I am sure the mother of Philanda, she too, had the same thing in mind, as she was raising her son.  

What do you do when you have implemented every strategy....followed up on every emotion...fulfilled every need...provided to ensure your child would be emotionally and physically healthy...instilled respect and honor into your child, toward others they might meet - what do you do when you have done all of these things, only for your child to not receive the same from someone who's job is to protect and serve...protect and preserve life from the bad.  What happens to the psyche of those moms? Is it justifiable for them to feel rage? defeated? mistrust? anger?  Is it really okay for police to kill our children?  To kill our husbands?  To kills our sons? All of those "mommy moments" poured into the child are taken away...silenced forever...with. one. gunshot.

All I know is that every moment that has been poured into a child...it has to be enough.  We give our children 100% of us and it is enough.  We give 500% and it is enough.  We give 1000% and it is still enough.  Love, love, love and teach, teach, teach our children.  Teach them the good and the bad.  Until next time...you better love yourself.