In today's society, it takes pure guts to be the person you have been equipped and chosen to be in this life.   Have you ever notice yourself wanting to "hold back", "not speak up", or "not do a certain task"?  Why is this?  What makes us hold back?  What makes us boldly deny the inner power or discernment, within us to simply "soothe" the expectations of society and mankind.  Why is it, at times, we settle for "tip-toeing" every so quietly around debate, conflict, or disagreement?  Are we happier with dying a thousand deaths, rather than one?  

It takes courage.  It take knowing, without a shadow of a doubt, the calling, gifting and talents God has placed within us.  These gifts and special abilities were not placed within us for us to override and utterly suppress into an inactive status!  We are no use to soceity, as a whole, when we do such.  For every calling...for every gift....for every talent...God has equipped us with everything needed to act courageously wiithin our calling.  It is up to us to make sure we participate in training, coaching and continuous improvement, in order to refine the gifts that have been placed within us.  However, if we never act upon this, those "tools", "equipment" or "strategies" He has prebuilt into our DNA are activated either partially or not at all.

One thing I know for sure.  There will never be another Roikensha LaGenee Craig.  Be who God made you to be in this life.  How do you know?  Well.....let's do you know your dress size? How do you know your pant size?  How do you what size shoes to wear?  Easy!  It FITS!  If anything, it is tailor made to fit every unique curve of our life and needs.  Denying who were called to be, is for more difficult than walking into our callling.  

We can only be the person we were "called " to be.  You migiht not be the super mom that can juggle every task and then some.  Be the mom you were created to be!  We can only be the wife we were "'called" to be.  What works with your friend's husband, does not mean it will fit your husband too.  Be the wife you were created to be! What works with one dad, might not work for you.  Be the father you were called to be!  Be courageous..Be bold...Be determined to be the woman, man, mother, father, husband and wife you were called to be in this life.  Until next time, Love yourself!!