The other day, while sitting in my favorite chair and resting my feet on the ottoman, my husband said, “Have I told you, you are beautiful today?”   Of course, I smiled and my insides melted! However, in the back of my head, I was like, “Really?”, “Me?” As I sat, with my satin scarf covering my hair, eyeglasses on and typing on my laptop while reading my iPad pro simultaneously, I thought to myself, “I am not feeling beautiful right now”.  I asked my husband why am I beautiful to you? To my surprise, I learned much and it has given me a new perspective in managing all of the many roles and responsibilities we mothers and wives have to fulfill on a daily basis.

My husband went on to explain it was more than looks.  He explained further the many facets of my personality, the way I nurture and groom our children, the way I nurture and care for him, my morals, my beliefs, dedication to my career, humor and intellect.  Well…to be honest, I added intellect...but you get the picture! Lol! 

So many times, I feel like there is no way I can possibly juggle one more task…cleaning the house, twisting hair, selecting/matching outfits, compiling reports, disciplining the girls, supporting my husband…..I feel inadequate, stretched thin and not sure if I am leaving something undone in the process.  I do not feel beautiful.  I feel FRAZZLED! 

The beauty in my husband explaining to me the “real” meaning of being beautiful, helped me to see it was not the outward appearance of being a mom and wife, but how I interacted as a mom, encouraged him as a wife…How I present myself to my daughters, in the midst of being upset or calm, on a daily basis…How I manage to juggle my responsibilities and “surprise” responsibilities on high AND low energy days….How I give of myself, as a mom and wife, in times when I feel I have nothing to give.  As women, wives and mothers, these are the moments…times…actions that make us beautiful.  How we love and treat our children…How we respect our husbands…How we honor and protect our responsibilities of being a wife or mother….This makes us beautiful.  With this in mind, I am touched beyond measure that my husband does not view me as an “ugly” wife and mom!

On days, you have to change your blouse right before walking out of door, because of baby spit-up, or when you have to redirect your toddler for the 5th time in a row, or when you are awake and listening, but really are asleep, remember to be beautiful!  And keep being beautiful moms! Keep being beautiful wives! Because that is exactly what we are…Beautiful!  Until next time, Remember to love yourself!