I recently thanked my Mom for being a certain type of woman.  I thanked her before I knew what I was doing.  It just came out!  Afterwards, I thought about the way I parent my daughters.  I remember thinking that I too, wanted them to be able to one day reflect back and realize that they "liked" the woman who reared them.  I am sure there were many things my mom wanted to do or did not do because she was someone's mother.  I am sure being a mother was not always "convenient".  I am so thankful she had the discipline to be a mother..and manage all that comes with being a mother.  Of course, back then, I thought her ultimate goal was to control me in every way!

Now, more than ever before, I realize the importance of being the same way for my girls.  I want them to "like" the woman I was in life..in society..in church...in our home....in the workplace.  Thinking like this really places things in perspective.  It is not so difficult after all, to sacrifice, at times, for the sake of  my daughters growing up into responsible, emotionally sound women.  It is not so difficult after all, to sacrifice, at times, in order to ensure self-worth and positive self-esteem in my daughters.  All of a sudden sacrifice is easy for the sake of my daughters having an expected end.

One thing I know for sure.  Being a mom does not mean you will always make the right decisions or always know the right answer.  As a matter of fact, you will not! It does; however, mean you are constantly willing to grow, be open to wisdom/advice and sacrifice, when needed, in order to  protect and cherish the life and/or lives that God has entrusted to you.  So yes, I take this "mommy" business serious.  And I am so glad I like the woman who was also my Mother.  Love you Mom!  Until next time, Love yourself!