That moment when you do NOT care how much you spent on a toy...that moment when you think to yourself, "If I have to bend down and pick up this book..this doll...this lego...this puzzle piece.  If I have to pick up this toy one more time, I believe I will set every toy on fire.  I hate to admit this. However, it does run through my mind quite often.

Am I the only one that wants to make sure my children have access to every early childhood or equipment?  I mean, we want nothing but the best for our children right?  We want them to have ample toys and developmentally appropriate equipment in their immediate surrounding to promote their overall development.  

So, I snapped!  The other night, as I was sweeping the kitchen, there it was..a shiny, bright pink puzzle piece.  I thought to myself, "WHY?"  I pick this little piece of toy up everynight!  And then it happened...I bent down, picked it up and threw it in the T-R-A-S-H!  Call me crazy, but it was a RELIEF to know I would never, never, ever have to pick up that toy again.  

I can remember my mom throwing away CD's.  I remember thinking, "wow, does she know how much those CD's cost?"  YES!  She knew!  She did not care!  Because the other night, it would not have mattered if I had paid $500 for that puzzle.  In that moment, all I cared about was NEVER having to pick up that puzzle again.  Come know what I was thinking..."One less toy for me to have to pick up!".

Maybe I am a bad mom for throwing that puzzle away?  Who knows?  One thing, I do know for that moment, I redeemed by peace of mind.  So go not be afraid....embrace the trash can, when needed.  I have learned that it is my friend.  Until next time, love yourself.