My husband and I had been working on voice commands with my daughter regarding, "take this" or "come here".  One night my daughter walks into the den with me and my husband.  She politely stretched her hand out and said, "here".  My husband, reaching his hand out to accept her package, suddenly freezes in his tracks.  My husband realized that he was receiving "poop".  Priceless.....There are no words.  My daughter proceeds to look at her father and say, in the sweetest voice, "Thank youuuu".  What do you do?  Do you look at your child in disgust?  I chose to laugh my behind off!!  

Children are indeed little sponges soaking up all the intentional and untentional knowledge we pour into them. The upside....the used the proper voice command, in which she was trying to say, "here"...take this.  Though we had spent a great deal of time being intentional with speaking commands, I do not think we quite envisioned it playing out this way!!  LOL!!!!  Oh least now I know she understands "take this"