I do not know the last time I watched an entire movie.  Wrong!  I do know the last time I watched a movie in its entirety.  It was the early part of September 2013.  McKenzie was born on September 23, 2013....the rest is history.  I have been trying to watch this one movie, in particular, for the entire summer.  I watched the beginning credits on the screen, went to sleep and woke up for the ending credits.  WOW!  Unbelievable!  The other day I went to sleep during a commercial!  

I believe I am delusional sometimes, as I actually sit and contemplate if I really need sleep.  What if I took short, scheduled naps, periodically throughout the day?  Would this be sufficient and equal to a good night's sleep? Would this eliminate me walking around the house in zombie form? I was told to sleep when the baby sleeps. Hmmmmmmm. This does not always work, as sometimes I am hungry or need to shower.  By the time I prepare something to eat or shower, Madison is awake for another round of loving, food and attention.  

I honestly believe McKenzie and Madison have already joined forces to attack mommie's central nervous system.  I swear they are tag teaming each other these days. When McKenzie goes down, Madison wakes up and vice versa.  It is almost like they tell each other, "Okay...I am going to sleep, your turn to be awake!"  On occasion, I have been able to get McKenzie and Madison asleep at the same time.  I could hear the heavens sing, as my soul rejoiced.  

It is pretty intense when they sleep.  The other day, the house phone rang and I almost killed myself running to the phone to stop the ringing.  Kaycee barked one day and I honestlly considered taking him to the animal shelter.  Is it wrong for me to want them to sleep for a long period of time just so I can close my eyes and relax?  Is that selfish of me? I should be happy if they only sleep for 30 minutes right? I start to think about how these moments will not last forever.  Surely, I can wake up and give them my complete attention.  I think about how one day they will both be too old for me to hold in my arms, while I watch them breathe in and out. These memories I will have forever.  So it is okay that I am a little sleep deprived for my precious little girls.  They are worth it all.  Until next time, get some sleep for me and love yourself!