Everyday, I am learning more and more about the joys, challenges, ups and downs of motherhood.  I now understand the saying, "A mother's love".   I realize my responsibility to McKenzie and Madison is far greater than any other task I have been assigned to complete.  My grandfather, the late Reverend Roy McSwain, frequently quoted this statement, "The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world".  Slowly, but surely, I am embracing the complexity of this famous quote.  

Yesterday, I talked about how raising children was work.  Yes, while it is work, do not confuse me to mean that raising children is work and therefore a pain or nuissance.  The more I think about it now, motherhood is more than just "work".  Motherhood and raising children is a commitment.  A commitment that is also a choice.  I have seen women who chose not to commit, as well as, women who are committed and struggle with the sacrifices and joys that come with committment.  How can a mother decline to commit?  The answer is simple:  by not being present and not being responsive.  

As a mother, I analyze everything I do, plan or communicate with McKenzie and Madison.  I want them to grow up to be intelligent, kind, respectful and God-fearing women.  How does that happen?  How can I ensure they wil grow up to be such?  I am not sure.  However, I do know I must give it my all to train them now, while they are young, to ensure they will have a solid foundation of strong morals and values to last them a lifetime.  I know this sounds horrible, but sometimes this becomes my burden.  I analyze everything from what clothes to buy to what foods to introduce.  Every decision, I make now, and every action I do/do not perform, has a direct impact on who they grow up to be in this world.  You see....it is my hands that feed them, my hands wipe tears, my hands wash and clean their bodies, my hands provide gentle pats and rubs to reassure,  comfort and calm, and it is my hands that rock their cradle. With this in mind, I  am important.  All of my actions and responsibilities, big or small, or critical.  As a mother, I have an important responsibility.  I shape, mold, educate and prepare youngs lives for adulthood in this world.  Who am I raising?  Who am I molding?  Who am I protecting?  Who am I educating?  Who am I comforting?  Are  my girls future US Presidents? Teachers?  Reverend? Missionary? Lawyers? Doctors?  Actresses?  Politicians?  Who has God given me grace and authority to mother?  This is my daily thought and concern.

 When McKenzie was 1o/11 months, I remember shopping in a certain department store.  I became frustrated because ALL of the toddler pants were "fitted" and "stretch".  I thought to myself, "Why, why would this company make fitted jeans for babies and toddlers?" I believe fitted jeans are too mature for little girls, and it introduces various themes and a mature image for children.  Am I paranoid a little?  Maybe I am...maybe I am not.  All I know is that God gave me 2 little girls, in which I am responsible for the overall guidance, care and protection of their lives.  Am I going tobe mindful of the company they keep?  YES.  Am I mindful of adults that are in our circle?  YES.  Will I leave my child with any adult, regardless of family kinship, church leader, etc.? NO.  

I have heard many adults share how, during their childhood, people even relatives, made them feel horrible, by saying things such as, "You will never make anything out of yourself" or "You are nothing".  The first thought that came to my mind was, "Where was the mother"?  "Their mother did not protect them".  We must protect our children in every form and fashion.  Our children are our most prized possession in which God has entrusted us with. I do believe we will have to answer to God for our actions if we have every harmed a chid, whether physically, emotionally or verbally.  We will have to explain our actions to God one day for how we provided for the children He entrusted to us, as well as,  other children that were under our supervision.

So you see....I can not take being a mother lightly.  God has given me this responsibility to fulfill. This alone, is one of the main reasons my M life is important to me.  I must commit tp beomg a mother.  I must embrace motherhood wholeheartedly, as in doing such, I believe I am pleasing God.  I realize this journey will not always be easy.  What I do know is that I can be a mother, one day at a time.  Each day gives me the opportunity to do it just a little bit better than the day before.  One day, I will look at my daughters and see who they have become as adults.  I will see the impact they have on the world, all because I embraced the power that ran through my mothering hands.  Until next time, let us all use our mothering hands wisely as we rock our children's cradle., for we rule the world.  Do not forget to Love yourself!