WHO knew the bathroom would become my 5 star resort???? It dawned on me while sitting on the toilet...There it was, out of the blue - SILENCE.  The more I realized what I was experiencing, the longer I wanted to stay and never open that door to the "outside".  After enjoying this blissful moment for a few minutes, I started to feel a little guilty.  I mean, I was basically hiding in the bathroom.  Really??? Are you serious? Hiding in the bathroom? What was I hiding from? Was I merely trying to escape the responsibilities of being the lady of the house? Was I trying to sneak in a little "me" time?  Or was I desperately trying to regroup and ensure my sanity was still intact?  Honestly, I believe it is a combination of all of the above!  

Whatever the reason, I decided I would enjoy this time to myself.  I would indulge in sitting in my wood and basket themed bathroom.  I used this opportunity to simply reflect on various responsibilities that needed to be fulfilled.  I also spent a couple of minutes simply staring at the wall and thinking about absolutely NOTHING. I think I liked that part the best! Who knew I would be taking a mini mental vacation in my bathroom?  Today I learned that personal rest, refreshment and renewal come in ALL shapes, sizes and experiences.  I must seize it whenever the opportunity presents itself.

I thought my toddler would eventually find me and walk right in, as she does very often.  Is it wrong that I was GAZING that knob, as if I was in some horror movie awaiting the killer to slowly turn the knob.  Was it wrong for me to feel that way?  She never did turn the knob to the door.  I owe this to Ruff Ruff, Tweet and Dave!  Thanks guys! Thanks Sprout!  When I did open the door, KayCee (my Shitzhu) was camped out in front of the door! He looked up at me, as if to say, "what were you doing???"  hahaha...too funny. My husband had our newborn infant rocking her to sleep.  Guess what??? The world was okay and I was RESTED, REFRESHED and RENEWED.  There were a few toys scattered here and there throughout the hallway and den; however, somehow I did not mind picking them up this time.  I was even a little thankful for the opportunity to pick up after my sweet, little girl.  Thank God for the bathroom! Until next time, "Love yourself"!

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