What am I thankful for most on this Thanksgiving holiday?  I am most thankful for my family.  Thankful for having my loving and supportive friend as my husband. I am thankful for the two beautiful, little girls that God has allowed to join our lives.  I am thankful for the the little messes, the pee-poop diapers,  the toddler blues, teething, potty training and everything else that comes with rearing children.  I am thankful for it all.  It only takes one hug or one smile from McKenzie or Madison, and at that moment, all is right in the world.  

I so often think of what "family" will mean 20 years from now.  Will the term still commad a sense of respect and value?  Will the term still exist as something meaningful and important in the role of shaping who we become as individuals in this world?  I do not know.  I do not have the answer.  All I know, for certain, at this very moment, is that I am grateful and thankful to have been reared in family that demonstrated, as well as, demanded values, morals and respect.  I am grateful for those charateristics being weaved into the fabric of my life.  That is the pattern I will use to imitate the same sense of family, sense of well-being and sense of inner prider into my beautiful daughters.  I pray that one day that will do the same with their families.  Until next time, Love yourself!  Happy Thanksgiving Holiday