He’s Got It! He’s Got Me!

This morning during prayer, I was talking to God about my schedule, my tasks, my goals and my anxieties. I was reminded of the song verse, “His eyes are on the sparrow.. I know He watches over me”. I begin to hear Him say, “I got it…. I got you”. What an awesome relief to be reminded by Him that He has everything… He knows everything already and He has me, as well.

Moms, we can take comfort in knowing that God Has it! He has us too! Do not be ashamed to admit your anxiety to Him. He cares for you. He already knew. He is more than capable of allowing His strength and His peace to be perfect in times of weakness. Tell Him your goals! He can handle it! He is the master of the universe! He is here for us! He has it under control! He has our back! Oh what a relief it is to know my Lord is watching over us!

Until next time, love yourself and know He has it and He has you!


Father, we adore you. We magnify your name. Forgive us for so easily taking matters into our own hand. Forgive us for so easily fretting over tasks or goals. We sometimes forget to tell you and know you will handle it and will not withhold any good thing from us. We thank you for your peace. We thank you for your comfort. We thank you for the gentle reminders allowing us to know you are with us.

Father, we ask that you cause us to be strong in your word. Cause us to be confident in your word. We ask that you continue to enrich us, provide for us and support us. In your name Jesus, we pray, Amen.



Walk, Run, Crawl, Jump… just keep moving forward!

Ladies! I hope you are enjoying your summer! As for me, this has been my busiest summer yet! In between traveling due to family illness and conferences/training, I have been pretty busy. My youngest daughter’s birthday was in June. Her father and I hosted an intimate and fabulous birthday celebration, with family, in our home. The goal was to have a formal birthday celebration, for her friends to attend later during the summer, at our daughter’s absolute favorite splash pad! Well, I’m definitely not to win “Mom of the Year” anytime soon! I have had to cancel Madison’s Big Splash Party due to an oversight in my calendar. Good Lord! I was so embarrassed to have to alert parents of the cancellation! Listen up! That party is going to happen… just later than I had planned. I’m not giving up! It will be fabulous! Too much planning and investing has occurred for it NOT to happen! LOL!

Just like Madison’s delayed birthday party, there are times we experience an unexpected adventure/outcome, failure, miscalculations and setbacks. Things do not always happen according to plans….and it will be OKAY! YOU WILL LIVE! The secret is to keep moving! Hit the reset button! Readjust and move forward! Have the COURAGE to keep moving! Wandering in the aftermath is the easy part. Try to keep pressing and moving toward your goal regardless of the challenge! Be courageous! I have learned to be courageous. I have learned it is okay to be courageous enough to stand up after the chaos, after the storm, after the miscalculation and move forward. Move forward to finish the goal.

Ephesians 4:32 reminds us of the following: “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you”. The Lord has helped me to be kind and compassionate to myself. He has helped me to forgive myself, just as He forgave me. We forget to do this! No! I can not be everywhere and do everything at one time. I can not remember everything. And yes! I’m human and I do make mistakes, despite my carefully orchestrated plans. So when I face unexpected events, setbacks, failure, I am kind and compassionate to myself. If needed, I will forgive myself, as well. By doing this, I am giving myself what God has already promised…. His loving kindness, His compassion, His mercy, His Grace and His forgiveness. Until next time, love yourself and KEEP MOVING!!


Father, we thank you for your kindness and compassion. Thank you for your forgiveness! Give us the courage to keep moving forward despite the unexpected and delayed plans. Continue to tug at our hearts until we resume forward movement.

Father, forgive us when we allow ourselves to be consumed by our fleshly feelings of disgust, embarrassment and failure. Cause us to remember you are in control and YOUR timing is perfect. Cause us to move… move swiftly and with patience until we have finished the course. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

Keep moving forward despite any challenges.

Keep moving forward despite any challenges.


Finding Me....

Hello Moms! Day 3 of my Mom Trip. PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!! God is good! I’m so thankful for my life. Everything that I have had to endure, has led me to this very moment. Moms, we should always be thankful. It might not be easy at times, we can sometimes second guess the choices we have made, feel as if we will never get everything completed and even downplay our role of being a mother. God has ordained us to be moms. He has equipped us with everything needed to be the guiding force in the life of our children! It is indeed a trick of the enemy to cause moms to “not be able to see” past the challenges and chaos of being a mother and ultimately lose hope. I’m thankful to my husband for being a devout man of God, Leader and protector of our family. Marriage is WORK! I work at being the best wife to my husband daily! I’m thankful for my children. They keep me busy, make me angry, make me laugh, and keep me on my knees in prayer. Lol! And last but not least, I am thankful for me! I am not ashamed anymore to admit that I completely lost myself, as a woman, when I became a wife and then a mom. I forgot who “Roikensha” was, what she liked, how she looked, what she enjoyed, is so easy to become so entangled and enmeshed in the lives of our husband and children until we forget who we are as a woman. We must force ourselves to allow our minds to be consistently renewed daily in Christ. His word, His Peace, His Grace, and His Mercy renews us daily!! God is our STRENGTH! OUR REFUGE! I am Roikensha. I have a husband and 2 daughters. I love to travel, love photography, posing for pics, lover of fashion, hair, and heels, a serious “foodie” and loves to laugh out loud! Roikensha can withstand pressure, she can persevere, she understands and realizes that she is a daughter of God and the POWER that is unleashed unto her through HIM! God is good! He has blessed me to be apart of a journey that has led me to find myself again! For this, I am thankful!!!!

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Location: Nashville, TN - The Parthenon




A Blessing

This morning as I was reading my devotions, prayers and scriptures, the term “blessing” was pressed upon my heart. I begin to think of the ways I am a blessing to my family. I believe it is apart of God’s plan for mothers to be a blessing to their families. I can remember hearing the scripture, regarding a virtuous woman - her children called her blessed. I often wondered about that phrase. Of course she is blessed, but could it be that she was also a blessing? Yes!  She blessed others!

You all know me, I have to dig deeper. I looked up the blessing in the dictionary. One of the meanings explained it as, “a beneficial thing, for which one is grateful; something that brings well-being.” WOW! That’s it! Lord, I desire to be an even greater blessing to my family! I desire to promote the well-being of my familt even more!

My children and my husband are grateful, as I am beneficial to their well-being. I see this everyday and I am grateful. Whenever my husband expressed his thanks for my support or simply the little things that help make his day easier... that’s a blessing. Whenever my children eagerly anticipate the goodies they know will be waiting when they get home from school... that’s a blessing. Whenever I remind my husband of the “right” things to eat... that’s a blessing. 

Mothers, sometimes it is easy to take everything we do for granted. Remember, it’s in our DNA to be a blessing to our children, husband and simply our home.  

Dear Father, 

Thank you for reminding me of how I am a blessing to my family. Thank you for continuing to show me your plan for godly women and mothers.   Lord, I desire to continue be a blessing to my husband, our ministry, my children and others that You assign me to bless.   My desire is to be beneficial to the well-being of my family. I can only achieve this through You. I acknowledge your strength, Your Peace, Your Mercy, Your Grace, Your Instruction and Your Protection. I thank you for your spiritual gift of discernment and Your clarity to make things plain. Thank you Jesus. In your name, Amen.






I Don't Know When, I Only Know That it Happened!

Tonight, I am filled with His Joy! I am filled with His Everlasting Love! I am filled with His Mercy, His Goodness and His Incredible Peace! I am Victory!

While sitting in the quiet of my home, after doing the final touches of cleaning the kitchen, den and dining area, I am filled with an incredible and extraordinary peace! Today was nothing out of the ordinary. Today was basically my same routine of sending McKenzie to school on the bus, dropping Madison off at school and running errands. Isn’t it amazing how we seem to be on “auto-pilot”? As I sit here now reflecting over my day, I honestly can not remember when I did what. I just know it was done and here I am, now, sitting here feeling quite wonderful and content!!

Isn’t this the way it is when we are waiting on God to fulfill a promise? We pray and make our requests, cares and concerns known to Him. We then begin to trust Him and carry on in hopes of Him answering our prayers in a timely manner (sometimes simultaneously!). It does not matter the length of our wait time, whenever His promises are fulfilled and His prayers are answered, we often look back and marvel at how we made it. We do not know how, the only thing we know is that He supplied our needs, desires and wants and we are feeling quite wonderful!

Mothers, as we schedule and plan our days to make sure our family will run like a well-oiled machine, know that in the end, all will fall in place and will be perfect for “that” moment. Sometimes we will remember every possible thing there is to do. And yet, there are times, we will miss a thing or two. In those times, when something has been forgotten, it is okay. Remember, all is well. God already knew…your steps and schedule were already ordained by God. He already knew everything you would forget to handle. And for this, He is prepared and quite capable of stepping in and giving us the strength and guidance of how to manage despite innocent mishaps! He cares for us! Until next time, Love yourself!

Dear God,

May your peace, happiness and joy continue to fill our hearts. May we continue to lean on your during times of chaotic schedules, as you ordain our steps and thoughts. Amen.




A Call to Action!

Hello Mothers!

I am compelled to encourage you to love your children like never before. We are living in a time when children are faced with insurmountable experiences that attack their self-image, confidence, beliefs and identity. Today, in my blog, I posted “Dear Mothers:  There’s more to do.”  It was God’s plan for you to be called, “Mom”. With this title, as you know, comes much responsibility. This was prompted by a talk show I was listening to this morning. A mother and father were sharing the details of their young daughters murder. Their daughter was murdered by her “friends”, who decided to stab her to death. The talk show described these girls as “mean girls”. They later discussed how to prevent your daughters from being “mean girls”.  I begin to pray, “Lord, help me to raise my daughters to be emotionally sound”. Help me to impart into them not only how to embrace their individual uniqueness, but also the uniqueness in their peers, as well. Show me how and help me build my daughters from the inside out in building their self-esteem and confidence. It is crucial that it comes from “within” the child.

What are we teaching our sons and daughters to be emotional healthy? Will they know how to love? Will they know how to find the beauty in others? Will they know how to respect themselves, as well as, others? Will they know they are special, unique individuals, fearfully and wonderfully made? Do they know and believe God loves them? Will they understand that not only are they special, but so are their peers? Do they know and believe we will love them no matter what they do in life? Are we building them or tearing them down? Are we giving our children good gifts? Gifts of hope, life, family, warmth, peace and stability?  Will our children know it is okay to reject friendship if it hurts who they are? Can they identify hurtful behavior from their peers?

On last year, I was reading an article in which Prince William was being interviewed. He described the love of his deceased mother, Princess Diana. He talked about how she loved on them constantly. He begin to say that even after her death, he could still feel the warmth and depth of her hugs. Love is strong.... it withstands the test of time. As mothers, we must incorporate the love of God in our relationship with our children. We love them via speaking life into their hearts, providing wisdom and discipline, and building them up in every way imaginable. We love them with our hugs, our kisses (even when they say YUCK! and GROSS! Lol) LOVE NEVER FAILS....

“Train up a child in the way he should go”.......I believe we all know how the verse ends. Like never before, the time is now for mothers to stand against the tactics of Satan to defeat our children. We must pray and intercede on behalf of our children. We must demonstrate the love of God before them towards others. Love, love, love..... pray, pray, pray......for the sake of our children.



Dear Mother... There is more for us to do.

This morning, as I listened to parents, on a morning talk show, discuss the devastating event of their young daughter being murdered by her “friends”. They shared their daughter had a bright personality, caring spirit and strong sense of self. Somehow, someway, her group of friends suddenly turned into “mean girls” and decided to take her life. How dreadful! How develastating! Oh, how my heart went out to this mother and father. My spirit was grieved and I began to weep and pray. 

The talk show host began to share how parents can keep their daughters from becoming a “mean girl”. As they discussed this, I simply begin to think of how I am always pouring into my girls so they will grow into strong young ladies. Young ladies who have a strong sense of self and a positive attitude and self-image. However, I did not think to also include teaching them that “all girls” are special! They are not the “only” ones fearfully and wonderfully made... but “ALL” are fearfully and wonderfully made. I want my girls to respect themselves, respect their uniqueness, as well as, the uniqueness of other girls! I set the tone for this! I must model this. Who else will they learn this from?? 

The same is true for mothers of boys. We teach our sons strength, as well as, gentleness. They learn how to love, by the way we love them. They learn how to treat others by the way we treat others. 

How do we get this value to stick? Children are under so much pressure when they are surrounded by peers, who may or may not share the same belief system. It is important for us, as mothers, to make it routine to “love on” our children. No matter the circumstance... love on our children. They need to know that no matter what they do, they will ALWAYS be loved. They need to know that the same way they respect and love themselves must be duplicated toward their peers. 

This, mothers, is pleasing in the sight of God. That we teach our children how to love themselves and others. We can do this one day at a time. Consistently.  

Until next time, love yourself! 


Heavenly Father, help us to demonstrate Your love in the lives of our children. Help us to demonstrate Your love for others, as we raise our children.  

Father, we look to You for strength, guidance and wisdom to lay the right and solid foundation for our children. Help us to trust in You with all of our heart, and lean not unto our own understanding.  You called us to be mothers and we thank You! We thank You for the big and small things You are doing in our lives. 

in Jesus name we pray, Amen.