My name is Roikensha Craig.  I am the forever mother of two beautiful daughters.  McKenzie Brooke is 22 months and Madison Grace is almost 2 months.  I am married to Keith Craig, my high school sweetheart, best friend and love of my life.  I thought my career-driven, single life was busy, carefree and energetic....nah....being a mother, wife and boss gives the terms "energetic", "responsibility" and "simutanuous", all new meanings.  Hah! Sometimes I think I even pass by myself in our hallway! 

So let me explain myself now.  This is not a blog where I explain how to schedule time on Saturdays to prepare your family's weeks worth of meals and freeze them, maintaining a spotless house, or how to mend your husbands pants. I aspire to become that person one day (preparing meals a week ahead) However, I do share the many interesting, frustrating, not-so-perfect and perhaps hilarious experiences and mishaps of managing the roles and responsibilities of mommy, wifey and boss.  

The M life....it's simple.  I'm beginning to think it's all about how I manage.... being the best mother to my children - loving and nurturing their emotional development and realizing the importance of "mothering",  being the best wife to my husband -  respectful, supporting  his goals and dreams, truly understanding him and his needs and maintaining my beauty, being a fair and wise boss to my staff, and last, but certainly not least...ME...making and scheduling time to take care of me, both spiritually, mentally and physically.  If "me" is not emotionally sound or physically coherent, my M life would be ineffective, having a direct impact on my children, husband and career.  

Throughout my posts, I ask you to remember this is "my" adventure and my experience.  Don't judge my adventure, as this is my path.  I do welcome your comments and your own "aha" moments and experiences.  Until next time....take it easy and in the words of my grandmother, "Love yourself".